Modern Art on Loft Space Combination

modern artKristina Wilson Design has created a loft space which consists of a combination of colored, rusty and contemporary art. In the room that solidified the distinctive modern furnishings, white walls are being collided with the brick walls. The combination creates a very friendly atmosphere as well as relaxing to anyone who is visiting.

While on the furniture, a white sofa faced on the TV with two gorgeous chairs on either side. Wood floor made the atmosphere very relaxed and contrasted the rusty ceiling. The small carpet indicating that it is a meeting place for the center of attention space. So, this is the style of modern art that retains furniture neatness and space layout.






The Application of Stunning Laid Back Concept

vintage-interior-design-1Although it seems odd and modest, vintage design is now being really popular, since it presents something different and unique. Well, if you are also one who wants to apply such styles, surely, there are several aspects you have to consider more. The first is about the selection of coloring which is dominated with the pastel ones. Then, the second is about furniture, accessories and also accents.

Yes, it seems that the laid back concept is something really appropriate to be combined with the vintage design.  Of course, it is suggested to you to collect something like coarse accessories and even tableware and then put them in such unique arrangement.

vintage interior design





House in Front of the Lake

Lakefront house designThe term of back to nature is probably something which is really common to be heard. Well, if you are also thinking so, it is not exaggerated surely to expect to a kind of house with a beautiful landscape outside. Well, here is now a good tiding for you actually, since in the area of Maine, you can just enjoy such a beautiful villa with landscape of lake outside.

The exterior and interior of the house itself is also really wonderful, since it is created by the studio of Olson Lewis and Architect. If you are interested in it, you can just try to purchase it now, and then enjoy the sensation of living in front of the lake.







Fabulous Mosaic Tile Portrait

Mosaic Tile PortraitEverybody must agree that home is the first place we can just stay after so many puzzling activities outside. Based on that fact, it is not exaggerated if the home living we have should be arranged as beautiful as possible. One of the ideas of arrangement is probably in relation to mosaic tile portrait.

Well, you can just order it to the artists, whether you want such portrait of yourself, landscape of the characters you like. It is really great to apply this idea for your own bedroom or even bathroom. Not only is it really unique, you can just explore something different inside your home.





Simple Way to Redesign Home Living

elegant-lightingRedesigning or renovating the home interior must be something interesting. Even for some people, it seems no matter to spend so many budgets just to make their home living beautiful and different. If you also have a plan for such things but you don’t have enough money, you should not worry. Yes, with a little creativity you can just make your residence more beautiful and unique.

One of the accessories to make your home beautiful is by using the knacks for lighting. Well, it is mainly designed and created by a professional artist and woodworker, Ryden Rizzo. Overall, the design is really simple and elegant so that it can match well with any kind of home style you already use. You can just select one of the materials used, whether you prefer the wood or metal.

elegant lighting



The Arrangement of Auto Garage

Auto_garage_designGarage is actually an important part within your home living although you may rarely arrange it or make it beautiful. But of course, it seems you should not ignore this though in which you can actually make your garage good-looking without too many efforts.

Auto garage can then be a good solution for you, in which you can just add some chic pads or probably racks of spare parts saving. But of course, you should better arrange it as good as possible to make it neater. Besides, don’t forget to put several garnishes or planthouses so that it seems more comfortable to stay longer there.






Q Lin Bed with Chinese Ancient Wood Carving Tradition

Chinese Wood CarvingChinese screens with traditional woodcarving were integral part of Chinese architecture for thousands years. The outstanding Q Lin Bed is a mix of gorgeous Chinese ancient art with European modern design and Californian casual nature.

Both sides of the wood in the bed represent the Chinese lost art with 3,000 hand-drilled holes. California’s birth of cool movement is represented by glowing walnut hails that also dominant in Danish style.

The Q Lin Bed is magnificent that every piece of wood is chosen carefully and the carving must through pain-staking process. Walnut is chosen due to warm and expressive pattern. Solid walnut in the headboard is chosen to create dramatic look.

Brazilian Cultural Diversity in Living Room Project

Living Room ProjectLiving room project by Albus Design astounded you with Latin harmony of Brazilian cultural diversity in every part of the room. Painting by Di Cavalcanti, the drawing by Dianira, and Siron Franco sculpture in cocoon shape are few examples of antiques collection that mixed well with feather art collection, silver torches, and baroque saints.

All decorative elements, including the antique mirror are carefully chosen by the architect Henrique Stever and Felipe Rio, as the designer to create harmony in diversity. Yet, the best of all is 150 pounds of banana gathered on the table to sum up the project. The banana is there to celebrate cultural diversity influenced by Carmen Miranda.






Industrial Traces in Cozy Renovated Home

Cozy Renovated HomeTo look a transformation of an old industrial building into a home is something interesting to do. In renovation of old home, many people believe the true essence of the place should survive. The Amsterdam house seems following the common believes with some industrial traces survive in the new home.

Steel beams from the original building as well as the ceiling look amazing in the contrast to rustic interior design. The industrial bones look austere but wood materials in many places able to soften the bones. Although industrial traces become the part of the renovated home, the house feels so warm and cozy.







Fabulous Small Apartment with Rooftop in Sweden

Small Apartment with RooftopThe apartment is small but people who see and come will find it cozy and welcoming. The size is only 602 square feet with only one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen and living room. However, the apartment came with high standards with Carrera marble for the kitchen countertops, under floor heating in the lavish bathroom, and walk-in closet in the bedroom.

Yet, the best of all is the cozy private terrace in the rooftop. It is the best place to enjoy the stunning views of Ostermalm city. The access to the terrace is on the bright living room fill with natural light.








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